Kamis, 12 Januari 2012

Can Your Asthma Diet Cause You Asthma???

Every asthmatic person knows how difficult it is to keep up with the strict asthma diet because it simply does not allow you to eat all the fatty processed foods that are not only easy to cook but delicious to eat too. Well, since asthma is a respiratory disease, it is important for asthmatic people and their families to understand its possible triggers that could lead to the swelling of the person's airways causing them to have difficulty breathing. The food that people who have been diagnosed with asthma should be well picked and chosen to ensure that they are healthy and that they will not trigger an asthma attack.
There is no denying that a person's choice of food and drinks speak so much of the kind of lifestyle that they are living. Sadly, those who choose to eat foods that are rich in fat and cholesterol are those who are likely to develop asthma and other respiratory disease or even a heart problem. A person's diet plays a big role in his survival. In an environment where anything can happen, if a person wants to be healthy and live a normal life for a long time, it is important that he eats all the right kinds of foods. An asthmatic person's diet includes all the healthy and nutritious foods like fresh fruits and vegetables.
Did you know that asthma as a respiratory disease is actually a product of the body's allergic reactions to the food intake of the person of the environment he is exposed to? Sadly, unlike other diseases, asthma can lead to the development of more small and big health problems that pile up as a person gets older. What kinds of foods do you eat? Are you allergic to any food or drink? If you do not have an idea of the foods that you may be allergic to, it could cause a lot of trouble for asthmatic people because the moment that they eat foods that they are allergic to, they experience difficulty in breathing and the problem could elevate to something that could be worse or perhaps even fatal.
How much of the food that you are eating is healthy? You might have a hard time answering this just like everybody else because you know that you are not eating as much vegetables or fruits and that all you have been eating are processed foods. No one could blame you considering the working hours that you have to keep and the lack of time to prepare delicious yet healthy meals and you just have to settle with the foods serve in fast food chains. Although this may be true and perhaps even forgivable, this kind of diet is not helping you because you are asthmatic. In fact, the kind of diet you are keeping is filled up with fatty foods and processed meat that is totally not good.
If you want to overcome your asthma or you want to limit the possibility of having attacks, then now is the right time to change your asthma diet. Include all the foods that need to be there like vegetables and fresh fruits and exclude all those that contain fatty acids and cholesterol. When you do this, not only are you saving yourself from asthma but you are saving it from all the other terrible diseases that could put your life in great risk.

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