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Alternative Treatment for Asthma

What is asthma?

Asthma is a medical condition that affects many people worldwide. When inflammation in the airway (bronchial tubes) becomes inflamed, it can lead to difficulty breathing. Air is taken in, but because of the production of mucus and swelling in the airway tubes, it is difficult to release the air back out. Many triggers can bring on an asthmatic episode such as: over exertion, cigarette smoke, dust, and many times, allergies. When they are inhaled by an asthmatic these problematic conditions may occur. Some symptoms that could develop are: tightness in the chest, a wheezing or whistling sound when breathing, coughing, or tightness in the chest.

The most important measure that can be done to prevent flare-ups is to avoid the triggers. Many take controller medications on a daily basis to help ward off these problematic episodes. It is necessary to take these medications even when there are no signs or symptoms present. These might include inhalers or pills. Once the asthma has developed into a breathing problem, a stronger type of medication is given to the individual usually by way of a nebulizer. Steroids are taken in by inhaling through a mask to dilate the airways and help to alleviate the breathing problem and allowing oxygen into the patient's airway more easily. If the patient is not improving after this type of treatment they may need to seek emergency assistance quickly.

What are some alternative treatments for asthma?

There are many alternatives for those afflicted with asthma. Some people have the desire to use measures such as herbs and vitamins. They are turning towards a more natural approach to treat the disease rather than the use of steroids and medications with dangerous side effects. Some of those may include vitamin C, ding-chan tang (DCT), or Ma Huang (ephedra.) The United States Food Administration has banned the use of Ephedra in recent years. Yoga is used regularly as a form of controlling breathing by many. By controlled breathing, close attention is paid to the inhalation and exhalation process to ensure that sufficient amounts of oxygen are delivered to the lungs.

Many are seeking acupuncture treatment as a form of treatment. It is not clear how much impact it has on the treatment of asthma but many do believe it produces positive results. Relaxation techniques are being utilized as a way to decrease anxiety, which can trigger an episode of asthma. When changing treatments, it is important, to let the health care professional know because there can be an interaction to certain medications with the use of vitamins and herbs. If a blood thinner is being taken, it is important not to take Gingko biloba-- although it has proven to decrease inflammation in the airway--it also works as a blood thinner. Liquorice root is often used to settle inflammation, but it can elevate blood pressure. Research is important when opting for these types of treatment. Look for scientific backing and speak with the pharmacist or physician about possible interactions with medications you are taking.

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